Weh Island is located in the Andaman Sea, where two groups of islands, the Nicobar Islands and Andaman Islands, are scattered in one line from Sumatra to the north up to the Burma plate. The Andaman Sea lies on an active moving small tectonic plate (microplate). A complex geological fault system and volcanic arc islands have been created along the length of the sea by the movement of the microplate.

The island lies about 15 kilometres (9 mi) off the northernmost tip of Sumatra. The island is small at only 156.3 km2 (60.3 sq mi), but mountainous. The highest peak is a fumarolic volcano, 617 metres (2,024 ft) high. The last known eruption is estimated to have occurred in the Pleistocene age, as a result which the mountain partially collapsed and was filled by the sea, forming a separate island.

At a depth of 9 metres (30 ft), close to Sabang city, underwater fumaroles emerge from the seabed. At Gapang Beach (Gapang is name of a kind of a tree), one hour from Balohan Port to the west, there are also underwater fumaroles which are suitable for diving and are called Hydrothermal Point. A volcanic cone is found in the jungle. There are three solfatara (mudpot) fields on the island: one is 750 metres (0.5 mi) southeast of the summit and the others are 5 kilometres (3 mi) and 11.5 kilometres (7 mi) northwest of the summit, on the western shore of Lhok Perialakot bay.

There are four islets surrounding Weh Island: Klah, Rubiah, Seulako, and Rondo. Among those, Rubiah is well known for diving tourism, because of its coral reefs. When traveling to Saudi Arabia was only possible by sea, Rubiah was used as a place of quarantine for Indonesian Muslims during the Hajj pilgrimage season.

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Prices : 

No Description Prices Currency Duration 
12 Persons2000 usd4days and 3nights 
24 Persons2900 usd 4days and 3nights
36 Persons3800 usd 4days and 3nights
48 Persons 4700 usd 4days and 3nights

Prices are included : 

- Transport 

- Hotel** 

- Driver 

- Local Guide 

- Banda Aceh Fast Boat Crossing Ticket 

– Sabang for 2 ways 

- parking 

- Glass Boat Rental 

- Snorkeling Equipment 

- Kayaking Rental 

- 3 Meals in a day 

- Ferry ticket

- Fruits during on Weh Island 


Prices are Excluded : 

- Flight Ticket 

- Visa on arrival 

- Airport Tax 

- Beer 

- Insurance highly recommended to take it from your own country before leaving home. 

- Souvenir shop - Guide tips

Day 1. 

Meet and great with our driver at Sultan iskandar Muda Airport Banda Aceh, transfer to Ulee Lhee Port Banda Aceh to cross to Sabang, and City Tour in Sabang if you arrive in Sabang Maximum at 14.00 Wib. The City Tour in question will visit the Zero Kilometer Monument, I Love Sabang Park and Iboih Beach and Rubiah Island. And after lunch check in Hotel (Free Program). For Dinner enjoy the Sabang City Special Menu, namely Eating Octopus Satay etc. 

Day 2. 

After breakfast, our driver will take you to a number of interesting destinations in Sabang City, including: Viewing the Bay of Sabang, Sabang Fair, Sumur Tiga Beach, Ujung Karang, Japanese Fort Anoi Itam, Puncak GT, Geothermal Jaboi and souvenir shophandycraft Sabang City. And dolphin trip. After finishing the city tour, check in Hotel and Free Program. 

Day 3. 

After Breakfast Ready. Packing Bags for check out preparation, then heading to Ulee Lhee port to cross back to Banda Aceh City, before checking in to the hotel our driver will take you to the Banda Aceh Grand Mosque where this mosque is one of the proud mosques of the Acehnese people, PLTD Apung, Aceh Museum and Rumoh, Ships on Residents' Houses after the tsunami, etc. Check in hotel and free activities. 

Day 4. 

After breakfast, packing bags to prepare for check out, our driver will take you a city tour of Banda Aceh City before transfer to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport. The destinations visited were: Gunongan, Cut Nyak Dhien House, Rahmatullah Mosque in Lampu'uk and Mass Cemetery for Tsunami Victims in Siron Kab. Aceh Besar. After arriving at Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Banda Aceh, the tour is over, and see you on the next tour. Thanks.

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